Science Week 2019

Science Week 2019

Science Week

At St. Joseph’s we enjoy science week and our entire school takes great pride in our science. Our wonderful school gives us the opportunity to have a whole week dedicated to science.  Not only is science week a fun experience but also an educational one.

In year six, we enjoyed our day with the topic ‘Crime Investigation’.  In the first lesson, we found out that Mrs Murphy was “kidnapped”.  We investigated and got some suspects.  Afterwards we examined their fingerprints and analysed their pens’ and came to a conclusion.  It was…

Mrs Gohery!


In year five, they went to different classes and enjoyed different activities.  In Mrs Killian’s class they made paper planes and paper rockets.  In Mrs Billington’s class, they “created” their own planet.  In Mrs Gillespie’s class, they had an exciting quiz.  Finally, in Mrs Cross’s class, they made their own slime and even kept it!